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Do You Press Records? 

No. Our records are “recorded” in real-time (Not like on a timelapse video on the main site:P). We call it lathe-cutting. This technique is used to this day to produce the master record for pressing plants. Lathe cutting has been popular back in the day (1950’s, 1960’s etc.) with musicians and record labels searching for limited runs etc. We cut music (or speech and any other audio) on a unique formula plastic record using a custom-made lathe with a diamond stylus. As mentioned before, audio is being cut in real-time onto a blank disc. Direct to Disc. That’s why it’s possible to do even one copy!  

Are your records lacquers (acetates)? 

No. These are made from a special compound of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). They are as durable as pressed vinyl records. Lacquers degrade fast. This is not the case here. Our records will withstand the test of time and heavy use.

What is the sound quality? 

It all depends on the source files. When the source files are clean and dynamic, the vinyl will sound superb. If the source file is a track ripped from your old cassette tape demo, it will sound exactly like it but amplified! Please, do not expect miracles in such cases.

Generally, the quality of sound is easily comparable to a regular pressed record. Some Lathe cuts can sound even better. It all comes down to the mastering of the source material and the skill of the operator. Some genres may translate better than others. Even with pressed records, there are the ones that sound terrible and ones that are stunning. The same principle applies here. We are doing a dedicated vinyl mastering to every order to cut your music with the best possible quality. Every track is being “recorded” in true stereo. Thanks to diamond cutting, the grooves are deep, and so is the sound. Lathe cuts can sound clear, and clean with full-spectrum and warm bass. Just check the audio examples and judge yourself. We love the sound!  

What if my mix is REALLY bad? 

We will honestly write you that (Please, do not bash us). We are here to help out. We will give you friendly tips on how to improve your sound to make it sound better on the record. You can also order Audio Mastering with Phonocats. We will make sure to cut your music on a record with the best possible result. 

What should I avoid? 

Please, avoid limiting, clipping, over compressing and squashing dynamics of your tracks to bits. You may pre-master your files and even do some minor mastering without issues. A good practice is to take OFF the heavy compression/limiting from the 2Buss. Leaving headroom and dynamics is the key here. For the best results, Tracks should be peaking at -3db at most. The crucial part is the phase! Vinyl does not like extreme wideness and crazy widening effects. If the music is out of phase we will have to narrow the stereo image (but with taste!). Try to avoid MP3s or other compressed formats too (sometimes not possible. We know! Please, ask us about the quality of your audio files before ordering if any doubts). MP3 if compressed in the highest quality can sound very good too (We are doing a professional mastering after all) , but a lossless WAV or FLAC file is the way of the cats. 

I am a DJ. Can I scratch the records? 

YES, YOU CAN! As we mentioned before. Grooves are deep enough to scratch.  Music is cut! Not embossed! There is a massive difference.  We are using the same technique master lacquers records are being made with.  45 RPM is also possible! (For all you 4/4 legends in need of the loudest cut). Records run stable, they do not flutter, tempo doesn’t fluctuate, so they are easy to mix too. We use a very powerful motor to run our lathe.

What are the recommended running times? 

They are displayed on product pages. You can configure your record to your liking.

Can they be played on a cheap turntable? 

Yes, they can. We are checking every record while cutting (using a DJ cartridge) and also performing a spot check on a second deck equipped with a “Hifi” Cartridge. All of our Audio Examples are ripped using the cheapest version of Ortofon Pro S! No additional preamps or audio processing. Direct rip from the lathe to the sound interface. So if you love the sound from such a basic gear, just imagine how will it sound on a better one;] 

How can I clean them? 

Just use a slightly damp microfibre cloth and clean them in a circular motion along the grooves. Do not use those chemicals for cleaning pressed records or cleaning machines! This will destroy the Lathe Cut Record! Distilled water is the best.

Can I get a discount? 

Yes. We offer bulk discounts. They apply automatically from the cart and they are hefty;D 

What if I need more than 50 records? 

Be sure to contact us before ordering  

What is included in the order? 

Vinyl mastering, cutting, white or printed labels, black or white poly-lined inner, black or white cardboard outer jacket with a hole and protective over-bag.  Other customisation options are available from the configurator (extra waiting time may apply).

Do you offer label printing? 

Yes, we print labels using our desktop photo-quality printer. We use High-Quality Photo paper glossy or matte labels.  You can add that option while configuring your order. We also offer professionally printed labels for larger quantities from our affiliated partner (please, enquire).

Do you offer printed jackets? 

Yes! You can add them in while configuring your record. We have partnered with 3 Printing companies to do our Jackets based on your needs. Every one of them offers different options. Waiting time applies! (Please, ask for more details). Some of them are available only from a minimum order of 10 so be sure to write to us!

Do you have templates for printing? 

YES. Download HERE

Do you offer worldwide shipment? 

Yes! We ship with Irish post in most cases. We also use various courier services due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Prices depend on the weight. We highly recommend the registered post or courier service. Only then we can provide the Tracking Number and insure the packages in case of damage or loss. Basic shipment does not give us the tracking number and in case it’s lost or damaged we won’t take any responsibility.  Options and pricing are displayed in the cart. You must input your address first. The shipping cost includes the handling fee. Every record is sealed tight into proper packaging.

What are the waiting times? 

Typically up to 10 working days + shipment (For 1 – 3 Records, please contact about bigger runs! ) if we have everything in stock (crazy times!) and we are not crazy busy. This period might be longer depending on the number of orders. We process orders sequentially! If you need your record SUPER FAST, contact us as soon as possible (An extra fee may be applicable). When ordering jackets or other printed parts, the waiting time is dependent on the printers (Usually up to 3 weeks, we order them ASAP).  Delays may happen though, due to a massive influx of orders at one-time or with printer being delayed etc. You can contact us anytime to check the status of your order. Due to Covid and the current Geopolitical situation, some supplies are a bit slower too, so be sure to write us before a massive order! Usually, we got everything in stock. There are times we have plenty of orders lined up, approximate waiting time will be displayed on a product page in such cases.

Is your checkout secure? 

Yes! We use Paypal and Stripe for our checkouts. Our site is encrypted with the highest version of SSL. Your data is secure. We do not (and never will) collect your sensitive data!

Ok, I am ready, what are the next steps? 

Pick the size of the record from the “Create a Record” Menu. Configure it in our super handy configurator (Length, colour, labels, Jackets). Pick the desired amount of everything from the cart (Enjoy the automatic discounts!).  Place and Pay for the order. 

Send us the files (Audio, artwork) using our upload widget. We do not accept other links without prior contact. Please, under no conditions send us files directly to our inbox. We highly recommend preparing the files prior to placing the order to ensure smooth production. There is a very easy tutorial on how to upload files our way right HERE

You will receive confirmation (check the SPAM!) of your purchase and shipment.  Let us know when the record arrives.  In case of questions, individual orders or bigger runs, do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form. We are always happy to provide the status of the order!

Can I mix and match records for the discount?

The simple answer is YES! You can mix and match everything!

Example: You can order 4x 12″ + 5x 10″ + 1x 7″ and you will get a 20% discount for ordering 10 records.

NOTE: Your order might take longer when mixing records. It all depends on the availability of blanks or the production of printed parts etc. We will notify you if such a situation occurs.