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Audio Mastering

Tomo aka LoopMaffia has got more than 10 years of mixing and mastering experience. This self-thought music enthusiast and style purist put his passion for the sound first and foremost. It’s not the gear…it’s the ear. You may not believe it at first, but he is right here to prove you otherwise. You can wake this man in the middle of the night after a solid alcoholic session and ask him about your issue with the mix…answer will make you think why you didn’t do it earlier.

By ordering Mastering with Phonocats, you are ensuring yourself that your tracks will sound balanced, warm, saturated and will transcribe onto a Lathe cut vinyl in a best possible fashion.

Be warned…we do not make mastering that sounds like radio hits…we do Mastering that will take you back to the ’90s with a modern twist. We love it fat, creamy and juicy.

Just listen to the sound examples of his work.

Why so cheap? 15 Euro per track is the special rate when ordering a vinyl with us. 20 Euro otherwise with 1 revision included. Simply add “Track Mastering”, choose the amount from the cart from the “Create a vinyl” menu to the cart and upload your tracks HERE

Guidelines (when sending files to us)

  • Do not use a limiter on the Master Bus! Like…never.
  • You can use slight compression on the Master but we recommend you not. You can leave the eq (if any) if you think it’s the tone you are looking for.
  • The mix is totally up to you. We will contact you regarding eventual mix issues preventing us from making the track sounding superb.
  • Files should be WAV only! 24 bit preferably but 16 bit will be always fine as well.
  • Leave Headroom! In other words…tracks should be peaking at -6db (max!)

Mastering examples (just some)