Audio Examples

All the examples were already mastered by the Artists or Mastering Engineer prior to cutting however, it was mastering made for digital release. We did the Vinyl Mastering from those files and cut them onto records. The best effects are in place when there is no clipping or limiting applied to the audio file + there is some nice headroom available. All tracks listed here already had Limiter ON! On top of that, We recorded the vinyl rips with a super basic setup. Technics QD33 Turntable with Audio-Technica AT81CP stylus to Behringer MiniPhono (50db amp) to Audio Interface.

Why do we brag with such a basic setup and files that were limited beforehand?

If you like the sound of those samples, you will love it with your audiophile gear. If you don’t have audiophile-grade equipment in your living room, It will run great on your basic setup as well! If you will provide us with unmastered files and order mastering with us, we guarantee the best possible results! If you can’t provide us with such files, we will also transfer them onto vinyl with great effects…that is why:D

Real Vinyl Drums Demo Pack Download

Zena – When The Lights Go Out (33 1/3 RPM, 2mm 7 Inch)
LoopMaffia – Puchinko (33 1/3 RPM, 2mm 7 Inch)
Robot Needs Oil – Kiss The Sun and Lick The Rainbow (45 RPM, 2mm 12 Inch)
Kryhoo – Coffee (33 1/3 RPM, 2mm Clear 12 Inch)
LoopMaffia – I Got U (45 RPM, 2mm 7 Inch)